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Donald Kerry Frey Believes in Information Innovation

October 25, 2018

Donald Kerry Frey has always possessed a passion for information sharing and consumption, which is why he tries to reach as many readers as possible with his information websites about subjects he thinks are extremely important. He reaches people based on his desire to ensure that more people have access to information that makes them more aware of what’s happening in the world. Over a number of years, he has studied and tried to learn and understand how people consume information that is useful and improves lives.

That was why Donald Kerry Frey to create both the Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune websites. By removing bias and fear mongering from the news, Donald Kerry Frey believes both sites will become strong entrepreneurial successes and form the basis for an online news and information empire of sorts. With Frey Robotics (, for example, Donald hopes to present technological news in a way that makes people less anxious about what new tech, like robotics, brings to our future. He hopes to make the site an information staple that inform for many years.